We are online! Remote work meet-up Event Re-cap

Remoter had the opportunity to kickstart the remote work community meet-ups in Vienna alongside remote work advocate Michael Laussegger of Dieprojektur.

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The conception of We are online! 

2 months ago, we put out a call on Twitter, looking for local co-hosts in a couple of cities we were visiting for Remoter Project productions. Michael Laussegger of Dieprojektur replied and asked if we were thinking of doing something in Vienna. A few weeks later, we launched the We are Online! Remote work meet-up community. Essentially, it had been Michael’s goal to launch a community like this in Vienna, as he couldn’t really find something similar. As always, the idea of the meetup was to socialize locally, while we learn and share globally.


Dialing in Kimberly Bringas, remote HR expert

Remoter brought Kimberly Bringas, remote HR expert, along for the ride. She connected remotely from Denver, CO and delivered a presentation on why remote workers need local communities. 

Kimberly Bringas specializes in building successful remote teams using her three-part framework of being proactive, intentional, and human. Her areas of expertise include: developing remote specific HR best practices, building and stewarding vibrant and inclusive company cultures, partnering with managers to foster trusting and accountability based relationships and conflict management.

Key takeaways

Kimberly did a great job introducing the topic and why she personally thinks it’s important for remote workers to have their local community to refer to. Here are 3 points we thought were really key:

    1. Local communities for remote workers can inspire global teammates to invest in their local communities. As Kimberly mentioned, it’s an incredibly human way to connect with your teammates to show them what you care about. It can foster more meaningful work relationships. 
    2. You can feel professionally supported by local peers/mentors. Once in a while, the ability to have an in-person lunch date or coffee session with someone who can offer you ideas and different perspectives is crucial. They could even connect you with local opportunities!
    3. At the end of the talk, Kimberly shared some pro tips. Our personal favorite? Follow up with new contacts ASAP - and when you follow up with them, it’s always a good idea to remind them where/how you met, just in case! 

You can also watch the full presentation, recorded for your convenience.


Why Remote Workers Need Local Communities from Kimberly Bringas on Vimeo.

Future endeavours

This is just the beginning of the We are online! Community. Remoter is proud to be a part of the first meet-up, and we hope to see it flourish. The goal is for this to become a popular place. If anyone wants to contact Michael about collaborating/being a remote speaker at another meet-up, you can find him on Twitter. Thank you to Stockwerk Coworking for sponsoring the location!