The remote onboarding checklist with Filestage

In the Remoter x Filestage collaboration, we created a free downloadable onboarding checklist for those interested in improving their onboarding measures.

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Filestage is a remote-first company founded in Stuttgart, Germany in 2015. As participants in the Remoter Project, they are collaborating with us by sharing their best remote onboarding practices. What this means is they’re not only sharing what they do, but also why they do what they do. 

Before onboarding: hiring and recruitment 

CEO Niklas Dorn gave Remoter a detailed rundown about Filestage’s hiring and recruitment process: 

"Here at Filestage, we believe that great teams deserve a rock-solid review workflow. As a remote company, we’ve built a smooth hiring process that supports us as we grow the Filestage family. 

It’s a 3-part hiring process, starting with defining what projects and responsibilities a new hire will take over within the first 3 months, within 12 months, and after 12 months. Once the requirements and hiring criteria are reviewed by the team, we create a job description. Be prepared! It can be messy when it comes to receiving a couple hundred applications for one vacancy with shared important information without a good online application system. 

Before the interviewing process, we pre-filter the applications and rank our applicants. We then invite them to start the personal video interview process. There are 3 stages of video interviews to check the candidate’s culture and technical fit before the final approval interview. Then, we move onto the legalities of signing the appropriate contracts and of course, our onboarding processes."

The importance of a good onboarding process

In short, Filestage’s goal is to make their onboarding processes simple and effective. A new hire’s first steps are about getting connected (e.g., joining the company Slack team) and having a clear introduction checklist. This is an effective way for them to break the ice; they familiarize themselves with the overall team processes and thet part they will be playing within it. 

Filestage prioritizes steps such as orientation discussions (which include meeting virtually with your department head on responsibilities and expectations), getting familiar with the company, and being aligned with your goals for the next 12 months. They also recommend that their members use their products. Being an actual user provides greater clarity, allowing members to develop an understanding of the brand both mentally and emotionally. 

Onboarding Checklist

From their stories and shared experiences, we’ve whipped together a free downloadable takeaway for those of you interested in improving your own company onboarding practices and processes. Please let us know in the comments if you’d add anything to this list!