Emphasizing Results

Leadership • 3 min. read

Two top remote-first company founders & CEOs explain how results/performance-based management gets the best out of their remote-first teams.

5 reasons why remote work attracts & retains top talent

HR & Legal • 5 min. read

Make the Leap Digital & Remoter collaborate about the future of work, and why remote work attracts & retains top talent. Originally posted on DailyRemote.

The remote onboarding checklist with Filestage

HR & Legal • 2 min. read

In the Remoter x Filestage collaboration, we created a free downloadable onboarding checklist for those interested in improving their onboarding measures.

Creating your first contract for a new remote hire

HR & Legal • 4 min. read

A run-down & free, downloadable check-list of things you MUST take into account when beginning to create a contract for a remote hire.

Start remote: experiences from those who’ve done it successfully

Business & Finance • 4 min. read

Debunking the myths that start-ups can't scale as fast if their team isn't all located in the same place, at the same time.

Remote work & digital inclusion: a crucial relationship

Culture Work-Life Integration • 5 min. read

There’s no doubt that remote work can help bridge the digital skills gap and foster a strong, digitally inclusive environment.

Remote work 1-2-3: first three steps to going remote

Work-Life Integration • 4 min. read

Learn what defines a successful implementation, from designs to ongoing issues, that would be considered for the health of the team.

Logistics: defining work settings (co-working, home office)

Productivity • 4 min. read

There are many ways to create an effective work setting for remote workers, and these are some of the key advantages.

What are the key issues for recruiting a remote workforce?

HR & Legal • 5 min. read

In many ways, a remote global workforce has to be assembled just like any other team of workers- there's just some very specific requirements to consider.

The big debate: remote v.s. local

HR & Legal • 4 min. read

How do you know whether to hire locally or remotely? Here are four simple rules of thumb that will help you make the right decision!

Introduction to hiring remote employees

HR & Legal • 4 min. read

An overview of steps to take when the decision has been made to hire remote employees and how to rapidly go from “need” to “hired”.

What is the best compensation model?

Business & Finance • 4 min. read

Developing the compensation package of wages, benefits, and incentives is one of the most complex series of decisions any new company will face.

Attracting candidates: how to develop a job description

HR & Legal • 5 min. read

To attract the best candidates, learn the requirements, particularities and fundamental questions when defining a role and writing a job description.

How do I implement performance-based management in remote work?

Productivity • 4 min. read

Performance-based management (PBM) is often seen as highly critical for companies with teams of remote workers. Learn how to apply it in this article.

Retreats: why and how should you implement them?

Culture • 4 min. read

Retreats are the most important ways in which remote workers interact with each other in person. We talk about why and how to implement them.

Top 5 reasons why companies adopt remote work

Work-Life Integration • 6 min. read

The sure-fire way to cut costs and boost margins is to break down geographical barriers and hire a remote team. Here are five reasons why.

How to take care of remote employees' well-being

Work-Life Integration • 4 min. read

Beyond traditional well-being best practices, we cover topics that are relevant, specifically for teams working remotely.

Logistics: recommended communication tools and habits

Productivity • 5 min. read

Here's a list of tools reviewed for remote teams and the best habits to implement them for effective communications.

Logistics: remote work equipment

Productivity • 4 min. read

We cover the ins and outs of remote work equipment, the reasoning behind different levels of ownership and what to consider from an employer perspective.

How do you protect intellectual property in a remote company?

HR & Legal • 4 min. read

With any creative work, whether it is a program, design or an approach, comes a need to protect intellectual property.