Remoter Social Q&A | Episode 3 | Ready for Remote

Remoter Social Q&A is where we connect with subject matter experts and tackle a controversial topic floating around the industry.

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There’s so many statements, questions, etc. being thrown around every day in regards to remote work, so we thought, why not start a little Q&A series where we connect with experts in the field, hear their thoughts & experiences surrounding certain statements and such?
So welcome to our Remoter Social Q&A! I'm your host, Josephine (A.K.A the Remoter Ambassador) and with me, I've also got my post-production wizard Vanesa. Together, we're going to bring you as many of these episodes as possible.
For this week, we’ve got Gary Walker of Ready for Remote here to share his personal stories and views regarding today's statement, naturally keeping up with this week’s topic and theme.
Today's statement? We're asking him about a Twitter thread he wrote tackling something a bit more controversial; in relations to “overly aggressive remote work advocates.” So we asked him about his opinion on how to promote a more balanced view/conversation about remote work.
Let us know what you think in the comments below, or if you have any statements/questions you'd like us to address in the coming weeks. Anyone you'd specifically like us to try and contact to get on this mini-series? We'd love to hear your thoughts. 

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