Resources for hiring and managing remote teams

We compiled some of the actual tools and resources we use at Torre to build and manage our globally-distributed workforce during the years. We hope you find this as helpful as we did!

Onboarding employees

Set clear expectations: make them explicit and concise for healthy team dynamics.

Our CEO's expectation letter for new hires

Alex Torrenegra, CEO of Torre, shares his expectations and mandatory reading material when onboarding new remote hires.

Our CMO's tour of duty

This isn’t rocket science: there’s not a unique, defined structure when crafting a Tour of Duty document. We’re sharing our CMO’s Tour of Duty — feel free to use it as a template.

Professional development plan (PDP)

It doesn’t matter if we’re in our early-stages or we’ve scaled-up. We expect Torrex — how we call our collaborators — to grow professionally and have a professional development plan in place.

Turn habits into culture

Build a supportive environment with deliberate, constant practice.

Request an invitation to attend our dailies!

We’re inviting you to personally attend one of our dailies to see how they work, first hand. Just contact us to request a spot.

[Cheatsheet] How to run a one-on-one

Use this template we’ve created for our periodic one-on-one meetings between managers and teams.

Product roadmap example

We love Trello and we use it to visualize and plan our product roadmap. We’re sharing with you to help you build yours.

Execute with speed

Brainstorm, collaborate and make efficient decisions with remote teams through these frameworks and methodologies.


A practical product management framework.


A framework for identifying all client acquisition channels (and how Google Analytics sucks at it).


A practical framework for product and feature prioritization.

Hire with confidence

Design a recruitment process that works.

Job description examples *Coming Soon*

We’re hand-picking some of the most successful job descriptions we have published on Torre. You will be able to use these as your starting points and save time when crafting yours.

Technical interview test

We’re sharing with you one of our most recent tests for a full-stack developer position.

Remoter Salaries 

As we are advocates for transparent salaries, we researched and documented compensation benchmarks for remote workers across disciplines to help you figure out how much to pay your team members.

More resources on hiring and managing remote teams


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Founding and Growing Remotely - free course

Learn how to build, lead and manage remote teams as an early-stage startup founder.

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