The Remoter Guide

The Remoter Guide showcases practical frameworks for remote team management. With approaches crafted by Alexander Torrenegra, Co-Founder of Voice123 and Bunny Studios, the Remoter Guide covers everything from hiring for remote-first startups to creating a supportive remote work culture.

Feel free to jump into any section of your interest!

Hire with confidence
Identify the right candidates for remote teams.
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Set clear expectations
Make them explicit and concise for healthy team dynamics.
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Communicate effectively
Use the tools that make it easy and natural.
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Create constructive workspaces
Craft environments that support dynamic work.
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Turn habits into culture
Build a supportive environment with deliberate, constant practice.
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Execute with speed
Brainstorm, collaborate and make efficient decisions with remote teams.
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Drive progress
Align the roadmap, priorities, and progress with the team.
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