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Alexander Torrenegra

With a team over 100 people strong in more than 27 countries, Alexander Torrenegra is the co-founder of the largest voice-over marketplace and production companies Voice123 and Bunny Inc. He is now the founder and CEO of Torre, an end-to-end recruitment platform with tools and a network specializing in remote work.

Alexander has invested in over 30 startups, interviewed and hired hundreds of remote colleagues, ideated and designed patented talent match-making algorithms, and founded several startups - some failed, others exited and the rest continue to operate successfully.

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Topics Covered Include

How to go remote

A quick overview of what it takes to build a remote team and what challenges should you prepare for.

How to find remote talent

Opening your business to talent around the world comes with several benefits. This chapter will help identify how to tap into the best pool of candidates.

Setting up a work environment

This chapter covers the most relevant aspects of proper work environments for remote workers, from home-offices to co-working spaces.