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The why-and-how guide to building remote teams

You are being invited to be part of our revolution, learn all the secrets to build - manage and scale remote teams.
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Inside, you will learn about:

  • Remote work and the future
  • When you should go remote
  • “Remote-first” versus “remote-friendly”
  • Developing a successful remote-work culture
  • How to hire confidently
  • Job description essentials
  • The best compensation model
  • Conducting effective interviews
  • Rapid and thorough onboarding
  • Legalese
  • Remote leadership — what it looks like
  • The schedule of a remote worker
  • Tools and habits you need to succeed and more
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“…This is the time to think big to fundamentally transform the way we live and work tomorrow.”

Linda Rottenberg

Co-Founder & CEO, ENDEAVOR

“I think that we're remote by nature. there was no other way to start this company. We have people scattered all over the world”

Joseph Vito Deluca

Managing Editor, Kambr Media

“In remote teams, we need to connect in a more meaningful way. We need empathy and to build long-lasting interpersonal relationships to retain and engage our teams all over the world.”

Shauna Moran

CEO, Operate Remote

“Alex torrenegra is the Mark Cuban of remote work. few people have that much strategic and operational experience as he has."

Andreas Klinger

Head of Remote, Angellist

About the authors

Alexander Torrenegra

Alexander Torrenegra

Colombian entrepreneur and investor, Alexander Torrenegra, is well-known as a popular ‘shark’ investor on Shark Tank, Colombia. Recognized as an MIT Innovator under 35, a World Economic Forum's Young Global Leader, and an Endeavor Entrepreneur, Torrenegra has used his expertise to cofound Voice123 — the first online voice-over marketplace — and Bunny Studio, a platform for mission-critical creative outsourcing. Now, he is the CEO of Torre, the new professional network connecting remote workers. He brings decades of experience to Remoter.

Andrés Cajiao

Andrés Cajiao

Colombian Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer of Torre, Andrés Cajiao co-authored Remoter after selling his social media marketing agency. He left 8 years of social media experience to build a next-generation, job-finding, and recruiting network. Cajiao has an intense passion for making work fulfilling — he brings this passion to Remoter.

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