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Today, we've got the internet, but how about back then? We transport to 2002 and hear about Alexander Torrenegra's beginnings of remote work.

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"Back in the day, 2002, broadband connectivity meant that you a modem, those of you listening that, remember what that was? The first modem were 9600 beats per second and that was good enough for text messaging, for chatting. Some slow web browsing that actually ended up being ramped up to 14K and 28K and the fastest modems ended up being at 56K. Again, good enough for browsing Google and Broadband was 128 Kbs.

I remember my first remote employee, that was his broadband speed. It was just good enough for an audio conversation of relatively good quality and chatting at the same time, and that's it."

Do you guys remember broadband connectivity? Getting rid of usage to your phone line because you had to plug in for internet?

My mother was never pleased when I did that. At least I wasn't trying to run a business, only trying to play games online. Tune in to this week's episode as we take a trip down memory lane in this reflective audio story with Alexander Torrenegra.

Hosted by Remoter Ambassador Josephine Tse and Torre's Chief Growth Officer Andrés Cajiao, this podcast will take you on a journey as we cover topics surrounding how to build and/or scale your very own remote-first teams. 

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