It's a no-brainer state of affairs

Remoter Podcast season 2 releases It's a no-brainer state of affairs with Niklas Dorn & Maël Frize of Filestage.

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As a continuation of season 1 with Andrés Cajiao and Alexander Torrenegra, Remoter continues in its second season with the opportunity to interview some remote work leaders, ranging from companies, consultants, advocates, and more, to add to Remoter’s stash of free resources and human-centered stories, enriching our educational platform about remote work.

On this recording of the Remoter podcast, Filestage's head of product Maël Frize sat down with Remoter in Stuttgart, connecting with CEO Niklas Dorn in Strasbourg, France, to do a hybrid podcast. Filestage is a content review platform with a mission of fixing broken workflows that poison teams with miscommunication, friction, and frustration. Sharing stories about their opportunities to learn and grow as a start-up, coupled with their views on remote work being a no brainer crafted the basis for this episode, where they dish their learnings of what’s non-negotiable to having a strong & successful remote team. Being remote-first for over 5 years has left them to not only witness the benefits but also address the present challenges that are less tangible; more so keeping the relationships healthy within a remote team.

This episode is part of the Remoter stories series. Access the entire transmedia story here.


Recorded, produced, and edited by Josephine Tse.
Mixed and mastered by Stephen Stepanic.
Graphics and visuals by Valentina Castillo.
Music: Skip by OBOY (SoundStripe).

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