The multiple dimensions of digital nomadism | Remoter Podcast

Alexander Torrenegra talks with Andrés Cajiao and Erik Hare about situational pros & cons of digital nomadism, & how it's not synonymous with remote work.

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Thanks for joining us for another episode of the Remoter Podcast! Disclaimer,  as Andrés says in the introduction, this episode is a reality check on digital nomadism. As Alex says, 

I appreciate digital nomadism. I know many people that that do it, but I believe that they get an unfair amount of press compared to what most remote workers actually do.

If working remotely was a tree, then digital nomadism would be one of the branches. Both are often considered equivalent, and although in the same family, they aren’t equivalent! In this episode, Alexander Torrenegra opens up about his personal digital nomad experience, initiating a healthy round table discussion on this topic. 

🔑 Takeaways:

  1. Digital nomadism is a way of working remotely. They are not the same!
  2. Take a step back. Get to know yourself - what are your priorities? What are your responsibilities? Is it traveling and funding your trips, or is it finding a place to be productive and work for X hours a day? 


Final treat to put it in context - here's a photo of Alex and his family during his digital nomad trial in Japan. 

Hosted by Remoter Ambassador Josephine Tse and Torre's Chief Growth Officer Andrés Cajiao, this podcast will take you on a journey as we cover topics surrounding how to build and/or scale your very own remote-first teams. 

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