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Even though Alexander Torrenegra has been working remotely for over 17 years, he had once decided to set up an office space when he moved to San Francisco.

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Thank you for joining us on the second episode of the Remoter Podcast! We're glad to have you back.

Bouncing off of episode one's origin stories, this time, we dive deeper into Alexander Torrenegra's relocation to San Francisco (the "mecca of tech talent", as he calls it) and his decision to actually set up a physical office space in the SOMA district. You may be asking, how come the one man who's such a big advocate of remote work would ever set up a physical space? Also, he didn't only start off by setting up an office space, it was a live work environment- live and learn, right? 

In this week's episode, you'll learn about the pros and cons of setting up a physical office space for your company from someone who's done it before in an engaging roundtable discussion with Erik Hare and Andrés Cajiao. 

Hosted by Remoter Ambassador Josephine Tse and Torre's Chief Growth Officer Andrés Cajiao, this podcast will take you on a journey as we cover topics surrounding how to build and/or scale your very own remote-first teams. 

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