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As a continuation of season 1 with Andres and Alex, I had the opportunity to interview some remote work leaders, ranging from companies, consultants, advocates, and more, to add to Remoter’s stash of free resources and human-centered stories, enriching our educational platform about remote work.  

Josephine from Remoter here! 

Remoter Podcast Season 2

Sooo... because it is the year 2020, it'd be a good time to remind listeners of the future that this was done during the year of the COVID-19 pandemic. The overall plans for the Remoter Ambassador position didn't pan out exactly as we had originally hoped, so season 2 is the culmination of the months I spent abroad. 

In the time before the borders around the world closed, I collected 18 stories. So that's what season 2 is going to be, 18 interviews with remote first leaders, companies, advocates consultants, and more. It’s a light-hearted listen, believe me - I’ve poured enough blood, sweat, and tears into this.

Each episode focuses on the personal stories of how/why our interviewees have decided to embark and continue down the remote work journey, and wraps that alongside topics in relation to building/scaling remote teams. 

But more importantly, we hope that season 2 of the Remoter Podcast, alongside the entirety of the Remoter Project stories will help you understand how and why it's wise to stay remote, even after the pandemic passes. Let’s move forward and embrace what the new normal has to offer. And it’s really up to us, the people, to shape what we want the outcome to look like.

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PS: Have you checked out the Remoter Project teaser? 😎

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