Diverse Workspace Photo Series: Mari Moreshead, Creative Commons

The first of our on-going ‘Diverse Workspace’ photo series with Mari Moreshead from Creative Commons, taken in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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Diverse workspace series

Remoter presents the Diverse Workspace photo series! As we're traveling around the world, meeting people in co-working spaces and coffee shops, we are occasionally invited into people's homes as well.You don't really know a person until you see their space and personal touch, and that's what we're aiming to accomplish with this photo series.

We're highlighting some Remoter Project participants who've invited us into their homes to take a look at their home office set-up. They've shared some personal stories about some of the materials they keep close by, and so far, it's been very interesting seeing people think about the stories behind their everyday objects and why they've chosen those specific ones to talk about.

Our first participant is Mari Moreshead, Director of People and Operations at Creative Commons. She invited us into her home in Toronto, on the west end of the city. Not only is she ergonomically equipped for her work days, but she also transforms her office into her sewing room after work. Click through the StoryMap to find out more (you can also see via full screen here)!

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