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Alexander Torrenegra talks with Andrés Cajiao and Erik Hare about his experience-how he was exposed to remote-first teams and how it makes work fulfilling.

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Marking a milestone today- we're super excited to launch the very first episode of the Remoter Podcast, season one! Welcome, and thank you very much for tuning in. If there's anything I learned, it's how there's so many layers involved in properly distributing a podcast. We ended up going with SimpleCast as our host platform (hoping to disseminate through other podcast aggregators soon).

In this episode, you'll meet Alexander Torrenegra (CEO of Torre), Andrés Cajiao (Chief Growth Officer at Torre) and Erik Hare (freelance content creator) for the first time. This is a round-table discussion chopped into parts, where listeners will be transported into Alex's life story about how he crossed paths with remote work, which led to the creation of Voice123 over ten years ago. It's one thing if you are looking to switch into working remotely in this day and age. It's another if you were doing it out of necessity because there was no other way (in Alex's case). But the benefits are at large, and hiring remotely allowed Alex to work with his friend back in Colombia, and to bring Voice123 to life. 

Hosted by Remoter Ambassador Josephine Tse and Andrés Cajiao, this podcast will take you on a journey as we cover topics surrounding how to build and/or scale your very own remote-first teams. 

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